White Rodgers Equipment

White Rodgers Thermostats

Whether you’re in need of a programmable or non-programmable thermostat or a premium touchscreen or wi-fi thermostat, White Rodgers™ leads the industry in innovative thermostat function and design. Emerson set an industry benchmark when it introduced the Blue touchscreen thermostat. And now, we are pleased to announce the White Rodgers™ EASY READER and SENSI WI-FI. From basic thermostats to multi-programmable to wi-fi enabled, White Rodgers is a name trusted by contractors for technology-advanced, user friendly thermostats.

White Rodgers Classic Series Thermostats

These thermostats have delivered value, reliability, and performance for years, and continue to be the industry’s leading thermostat. They have been trusted by contractors and loved by homeowners for years making it the industry’s best-selling thermostat. With many features this stat will help keep your house comfortable.

  • 1% temperature accuracy
  • Permanent memory
  • Dual powered
  • Easy to use
  • Choice of programmable and non-programmable

1F80-361 – Non-Programmable

1F86-344 – Programmable


White Rodgers Easy Reader Thermostat

The Easy Reader thermostat was designed with a major purpose in mind; to give the homeowner a thermostat that is easy to use. White Rodgers has accomplished that with the digital numbers twice as big as most other thermostats. The Easy Reader features friendly language and easy to use buttons, plus many other features like:

  • 6-Square Inch Blue Display
  • Stages: Heat Pump, Heat / 2 Cool; Multi-Stage 2 Heat / 2 Cool
  • Non-Programmable or 7-Day Programmable
  • Large Easy-to-Read Display Characters
  • For 24 VAC or Millivolt Systems

The built in innovative operating choices coupled with the ease of use make this a great thermostat.


White Rodgers Big Blue Thermostat

Multi-Function Stat with the control to choose from the following options at any time

  • Stages: Heat Pump, 4 Heat / 2 Cool; Multi-Stage 2 Heat / 2 Cool
  • 7-Day or 5+1+1 Day Programmable or Non-Programmable
  • Humidification and Dehumidification Control
  • Programmable Fan and Remote Sense Capable

Simple and logical installer menu set-up and programming and operation are enhanced with audio confirmation of touchscreen entries.

Ability to run your humidifier without having a separate thermostat mounted on your wall.

Filter change reminder so your system stays clean and protected.

It includes features like compressor lockout protection, selectable energy management recovery, and many more.


White Rodgers Media Air Cleaners

White Rodgers whole house media air cleaners are a smart, easy and affordable way to filter the air throughout the home. They economically reduce airborne allergens, bacteria, particles that carry viruses, pollen, mold spores, fine dust and pet dander.

Unlike standard air filters that collect only relatively large particles, White Rodgers media air cleaners can effectively remove particles as small as one micron – or 1/100th the width of a human hair.

  • Standard MERV 8 filters are up to 20 times more efficient at capturing allergens than ordinary fiberglass filters.
  • Heavy-duty, 20-gauge galvanized steel cabinet construction – assembles using toggle locks
  • Snap-on, ABS plastic cabinet door for easy filter replacement without tools

Plus, if you purchase an White Rodgers media cabinet from Comfort Solutions and register it, you will receive a free media cabinet if you ever move.